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Whether you are looking to create a place to host get togethers with friends and family, or just want to add beauty to your living space, we can help you do that in your own customized and personal way. 

Eclipse Landscaping is your quality landscaping company in the Lakeland

At Eclipse landscaping we pride ourselves on providing Unique, quality landscaping and Landscape designs for Residential and Commercial Clients. We can help Whether you're looking for that perfect outdoor living space for your new build, renovating to create that perfect staycation destination, or looking for a way to beautify your storefront to bring more customers inside. We also provide all our clients with computerized 3D walk-through designs so that you can see first-hand what your new landscaping will look like!

We have one main goal when we are about to begin a relationship with a new client:  Create and build one step above the rest.  

Our commitment to quality is measured through passion and experience. Each job is executed in a timely and personalized manner. Whether you're looking for a brand new landscape design or looking to spice up an old yard, we'll do it one step above the rest!



Love outdoor living.